Perfomance is More Than Motivation


Is motivation the key to high performance?


Motivation is import however; motivation alone often does not result in high performance. On the other hand, inadequate motivation or negative motivation can indeed result in low performance.

In order to help people improve, leaders need to understand the three components of performance: P= M x A x E

The long hand version of this formula is Performance = Motivation x Ability x Expectations.

To use a sports analogy, a basketball player can be motivated, but if their ability is low, overall performance may also be low. It is not only natural ability, but also the techniques, training and knowledge the athlete works on to become a better basketball player.

This same basketball player may have high motivation and ability but not know what’s expected of them. In this case their overall performance can also be low. Someone who is motivated and has high ability may go off in the wrong direction without clear expectations.

So, when diagnosing performance problems, leaders should consider all three of the facets of performance. This more thorough assessment will help the leader make better decisions as they lead people to higher performance levels.


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